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I offer a variety of services intended to satisfy the needs of submissive men with doormat, milk toast tendencies.


I realize that men lack the fortitude to run a household.  Spineless jellyfish, like you, need direction.  The sort of guidance I provide is priceless.  I possess the mettle to set rules, establish protocols, assign specific directives, and create behavioral guidelines.  I also have the moxie to mete out discipline when you violate my codes of conduct.


A happy household is one led by a strict disciplinarian who isn't afraid to lay down the law and act as judge, jury, and executioner when the household charter is broken.


It is my prerogative to act as I see fit to keep you in line.  I am the boss of the house and being my subordinate is a privilege.  Your domestication is my responsibility and I take it very seriously.     


My services are tailored to your needs, preferences, and limits.  You decide, beforehand, the level of severity you can handle.  I respect limits, but I enjoy pushing them. 


The role I play while providing these services varies greatly and depends on the specifics of your fantasy.  Before your session begins, when it is in the planning stages, we will agree which role I will play, how stern I will be, and other facets of our scene.  Typically, in a domestic discipline scene, I would play your girlfriend or wife, but other roles are available, like neighbor lady, boss, or aunt.


Below, you will find a comprehensive list of activities that can be incorporated into your session.  Keep in mind that you may pick and choose which activities we explore.  If you desire something that is not listed, feel free to inquire about its availability.  Chances are, I provide it.  Typically, the pre-session interview I conduct with new clients covers all the bases and gives me a very good idea about how to customize your session to ensure your excitement and absolute satisfaction.



Toilet Training

Water Sports



Corporal Punishment







Creative Scenes
Corner Time

Orgasm Denial

Panty Worship

Specific Wardrobe Requests

Fetish Exploration
Simple To Complex Situations
Cross-Dressing Humiliation
Spiritual Conflict Counseling
OTK Spanking
Cuckold Fantasy
Golden Cocktails (Urophagia)
Long Term Caging
Behavior Modification
Forced Domestic Service
Public Humiliation
Female Domination
Small Penis Humiliation


















Please, do not try to negotiate my donations.  I gave careful consideration to them, before posting them.  I feel they are fair and in line with what the current market will bear.  Attempts to negotiate my donations will insult me.


$300...1 hour
$375...1½ hours
$500...2 hours
$700...3 hours
$900...4 hours
$1000...5 hours
$1400...8 hours
$1800...12 hours
$2400...24 hours
$3600...48 hours
$4300...72 hours
$4800...96 hours
$5300...120 hours


Please, inquire via e-mail if you are a couple, desire more than one dominatrix, or wish to session longer than five days.



I am not a prostitute.  I am a BDSM professional.  I do not offer sexual services such as massage, escorting, "jobs," happy endings, penetration, full body worship, or a helping hand.  I remain fully clothed during our session.