Domina MadelineLady Madeline


I am an exuberant, well-educated, sophisticated, well-traveled, mature, female dominant; a voluptuous woman with soft full curves at which you will marvel.  Some refer to me as a BBW, a big beautiful woman. My Rubenesque figure is accented by a lovely DDD natural bust line that I enjoy flaunting. I am statuesque, much taller than the average female. In my highest heels, I tower at 6'2". I am known for my long fingernails and beautifully pedicured feet. I have flawless ivory skin and a perfect smile. My pretty face is framed by lovely, long red hair, which cascades to the middle of my back. My eyes are blue and quite expressive.
My passion is travel. I am an enthusiastic globe-trotter. My hobbies include reading English literature, enjoying a wide variety of music, art appreciation, design, architecture, concerts, live theatre, writing, and watching independent cinema. Some of my favorite things are flowers, Latex (rubber), leather, nightclubs, animals, gardening, nature, swimming, flying, boating, sightseeing, and vintage lingerie (open bottom girdles, corsets, seamed stockings, garter belts, RHT hosiery, nylon pantyhose, high heel shoes, thigh high boots, nursing bras, bullet bras, cone bras, and bustiers). I love retro attire, and truly believe ladies should still wear hats and gloves. I have a weakness for men in uniform and guys in suits and Fedoras.
My radio appearances include spots on WKRK 97.1 FM (Kramer & Twitch, Hamtramck House Party) and WXOU 88.3 FM (Untitled Radio) in Detroit. My television appearances include doing a labial infusion in the British TV documentary "Drastic Plastic." My personal appearances include guest speaking about professional domination at Whipstock 2003, performing demonstrations of enemas and other techniques at various E-fests, coordinating numerous fetish shows throughout the country, performing demos at alternative lifestyle events, organizing Chicago E-fest and Chicago AB/DL Slumber Party, and speaking at colleges and universities on various related subjects.
I entered the professional BDSM business in 1999. I love my chosen career, and it shows. I cannot think of anything I would rather be than a professional dominatrix. I am also a lifestyle mistress, which means that I live the D/s lifestyle 24/7 and maintain a stable of personal slaves. I am kinky to the core.
I savor all aspects of BDSM and fetishism and am highly skilled in all facets of domination, role-play, kink, and fetishes. I do it all and have few limits.  However, I will respect your limits. I can set the scene for whatever your perverted little mind can imagine. I am an expert in many fields. I am the real thing! Quite simply, I am vastly experienced, extremely open-minded, highly skilled, endlessly talented, incredibly intuitive, exceptionally sexy, and extraordinarily sensual.



I strongly believe my appearance helps to create the tone of a scene.  Domestic Discipline sessions especially call for the perfect clothing, hair, accessories, and makeup to set the mood and provide an illusion, so you can let go and enter a fantasy world ideally suited to your desires.  There are several characters I portray in DD scenes.  You may review a few of their descriptions below and choose which one best suits your fantasy or you may make suggestions and special requests.


The Victorian Lady of the House - She is a gentlewoman, dressed in a Gibson Girl blouse, a white ruffled shirt with delicate lace trim, a high collar, and proper starch.  She wears a cameo brooch at her throat.  Her woolen skirt almost brushes the floor, allowing only a peek at her Granny boots.  At her waist is a wide velvet belt akin to a waist-cinching corset, but much softer.  Her hair is pulled up into an elaborate design, held in place by an antique hair clip.  She sometimes wears gloves, particularly when there is spanking to be done.  Her makeup is subtle, soft pinks with matte powder.


The Fifties Era Homemaker - She is the mother of all Baby Boomers, clad in vintage lingerie.  If you could peek under her button-down shirt-waist dress, you'd find an open-bottom girdle hugging her curves, its garters leading down to her seamed stockings.  She has pearls at her throat and in her lobes.  A silky pair of high briefs covers her intimate areas.  A bullet bra supports her massive breasts.  The skirt of her dress flares out due to the layers of crinoline petticoats she wears underneath.  Her shoes are high heel stiletto pumps, a sexy choice.  Her hair is always coifed in a chic up-do.  On more casual days or while working around the house, she might wear a pair of Capri pants with a long leg panty girdle underneath to provide a smooth silhouette.  These occasions may also prompt her to don a lovely cotton wrap-around dress with folded cuffs and a smart belt.  Kitchen detail always demands the addition of an apron to protect her stylish garments.  Her makeup is dramatic.  Her eyebrows arch impressively, in perpetual judgment, over her false eyelashes which kiss the cat eye look of her black eyeliner.  Her dark red lips and brightly blushed cheeks contrast with her pale powdered nose.


The Modern Day Home Economist - She has come a long way, baby.  She spends all day in the boardroom, calling the shots, then manages to come home and faultlessly run her happy household.  She is a contemporary Wonder Woman, at the helm of both her business career and family unit.  She governs her charges clothed meticulously in thoroughly modern garb.  If you catch her returning home from work, you are likely to find her wearing a pencil skirt, low-cut blouse, thigh-highs, lace thong and plunge bra, stiletto heels, and fashionable accessories.  Her hair will be swept up into a conservative bun.  To relax at home, she'll change into a more comfortable outfit.  Perhaps, a sundress or, if the weather is chilly, she may opt for a skin-tight sweater, short wool skirt, tights, and knee-high boots.  She always brushes her hair out into its natural long style while relaxing at home.  Her makeup is up to date with the current trends, but she always opts for ruby red lips and thick black eyelashes.