Chicago Domestic DisciplineBawdy Boudoir



Imagine a safe, private, and discreet play-space where you can act out your wildest domestic discipline fantasies and satisfy your deepest fetish desires.


If your fantasies and desires concern domestic discipline, the Bawdy Boudoir in Chicago is the answer to your dreams. It is a place where you can express your needs and realize your deepest humiliation as a doormat male.  Such a place is a godsend for anyone who gave up hope of ever finding a dominatrix who truly understands his need to submit to a dominant domestic authority figure.


Discovering a location that is ideally suited to the play that feeds your milk toast tendencies is truly wonderful.  Picture an extremely well-equipped play-space where chills shiver down your spine as Lady Madeline walks toward you with her hairbrush in hand.


Spineless sycophants are truly understood and their inclinations are satisfied through stern discipline and proper punishment until their behavior is modified.  Lady Madeline knows exactly what corrective measures to take to put you in your place.  She knows that a red bottom equals a happy, meek male.  Depending on your limits, she may even decide that blisters and bruises are in order to ensure your utter humility.


The Bawdy Boudoir is located in an upscale, exemplary neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago, off several major roadways. It is a very private and discreet setting with ample free parking. It is conveniently located about fifteen minutes from O'Hare International Airport (ORD) and about thirty minutes from Chicago Midway
Airport (MDW). It is less than fifteen minutes from Chicago's downtown financial district (The Loop). The dungeon is easily accessible via the CTA Blue Line or the Union Pacific/Northwest Line Metra (UP-NW), if you prefer to ride the train. CTA and Pace bus stops are also in the vicinity. Taxi service to and from the site is available, as well.


You will marvel at my attention to detail in every aspect of the Bawdy Boudoir. You will be in awe of the wonderful possibilities such a place affords your fetish, role-play, and masochistic explorations.


Look around you and try to control yourself as you spy the incredible bondage furniture, straight-back chairs, stools, spanking benches, sofas, bed, and counters, all on hand so Lady Madeline can access your bottom, putting you in a prone position, bent over, or laying across her lap.  It's an over the knee (OTK) enthusiast's dream come true.


Espy the array of carpet beaters, wooden hairbrushes, leather and wooden paddles, belts, switches, rods, canes, bundles, brooms, wooden spoons, rulers, ping pong paddles, and more, just waiting to be used on your bottom to discipline you for your transgressions.


Lay down on the floor of the walk-in shower, so that Lady Madeline can share her golden gift with you.  Her shower will teach you humility and reinforce her assertion that you are too meek to be in charge.  You are lucky to have her available to take the reins, fortunate to be beneath her.